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Training Center

«Ilychevsk shiprepair yard»


  The key task of educational-training center "Ilychevsk shiprepair yard"  is to prepare a seafarer for substantial and correct actions in extreme situations onboard.   

  Training Center "Ilychevsk shiprepair yard"  carry through vocational-technical preparation of ratings on vessels in marine working professions(e.g. welder, turner, cook, steward, etc), as well as training, retraining and qualification increase of ratings and officers of vessels in accordance with the STCW 1978 as amended.

  To assure the quality of its training and to meet international requirements for maritime education and training institute, the "Ilychevsk shiprepair yard" can offer for every seafarer:

  • stationary operating system simulators
  • models and descriptive regulations
  • specialized classes
  • water areas, with all necessary technical and personal equipment, where we role play severe and extreme situations, which can happen onboard.

  Navigation, ship’s helm, evaluation of weather conditions, radio communication and other constituents of marine matter can explore on the theoretical and practical training in our center during training navigators of small sized vessels.

  On educational vessels of center one can pass training in mooring operations, working with sail, rescue yourselves and others, in distress, passing over with other vessels. 

  Social structure for the audience - a hostel type hotel. 

   Training Center "Ilychevsk shiprepair yard "  has Certificate of quality management system ISO 9001:2009 DSTU (ISO

9001:2008, IDT) Russian Maritime Register of Shipping from 01.04.2013

   Training Center "Ilychevsk shiprepair yard " has license of the Ministry of Education and Science №270655 from 26.06.2013

   Training Center "Ilychevsk shiprepair yard" has certificate of compliance №72/2013 from 14.10.2013 and №91/2013 from 27.12. 2013